Friday, January 2, 2009

The eYe

A walk through the forest can yield a lot of things and to see things I believe, one has to have their ears, nose, eyes and the mind open and alert! Ears to pick up sounds, nose to smell and eyes to be observant!.

On one such walk in Mundanthurai during the anti plastic campaign in KMTR, i happened to chance on this spider nest on the bark of a tree. From a distance nothing- absolutely nothing was visible and only when i took a super macro image was i able to make sense of what i was seeing!This spider who's identity i have no clue of weaves a small web and places eggs inside it.
but then a new question raised in my mind- if it is made to lay eggs, then why is the egg case open?
Some one on India nature watch guessed it was the handiwork of a human being- it was the least possibly reason as humans seldom go there and why would a human take pain to open a pouch of 1 inch in length of all things he's got to do on earth!?

The only other option i could think of is that of a nuthatch, a bird which has occupied the tree trunk as its guild. It may have, in the process of foraging, removed the case speculating a hearty meal inside!
I do not know...

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