Monday, December 29, 2008

Where is all my forest??

On a bright sunny day, we all were heading towards Green from kodayar. Passing through the tea estate, one of the estate employees stopped us and informed that a few elephants had strayed into the tea estate and told us to look out for it. We had hardly moved a few hundred meters form that place and we stopped to take a look at the elephants which were now in full view from the vehicle. It was a herd of three elephants, with red mud dusted on their backs, seemingly lost in the middle of the tea estate! The estate must have once been forest in which they would have felt very much at ease. The elephants, all females though healthy, seemed to be perplexed and confused.
As if to add to their confusion, one of the estate vehicles went close to where the elephants were apparently not realizing the presence of the elephants. The perplexed elephants gave out a mock charge with an ear piercing trumpet and the vehicle passed by as though nothing had happened, only to stop a few meters ahead and the passenger getting down from it look at the elephants in surprise and fear! After a while, the herd soon found a way and headed back into the forest which they had come out of. Having witnessed all the drama through the camera and binoculars, the look on the elephant’s face seemed as if they were asking the question for which I had no answer- Where is all my forest?

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